I am currently working on my newest "creation," a unique new website covering a different kind of activity.

Because of some very serious health issues I have not been able to travel like I once did. Since the beginning of 2011, my life has had some very different and difficult moments to contend with, including a major separation from friends I've been close to for over twelve years whom I held dear to me. Misunderstandings came between us, and wrongfully, they feel I intentionally let them down, they're not willing to discuss things. They decided (without giving me a chance to explain the circumstances) that we are no longer friends. What many don't know is that for a few months I was in and out of the hospital four times, well documented by my doctors & other friends, within minutes of dying during two of those incidents. Why am I mentioning this? Because I have many instances within this website where there are photos of one or the other or both, as well as textual references about them. Maybe someday, before it is too late, they will be made aware of their gross judgement error.

  • If this is the first time you have visited this site, you will find a myriad of features. For those who have been to my previous site things work quite differently.

  • For my travels in 2005 & later just "Mouseover" TRAVELS: ALASKA, 2005—SEPT 15, 2007 above and select what you want to view. You will then see an ADOBE PDF ICON, just click on it to access the particular file you want to view. If you don't have Acrobat Reader on your computer you can get a FREE copy here ADOBE READER.

  • For PRIOR travels go to the side-bar & click on TRAVELS: 1999–2005 or TRAVELS: 2006 and select the year. These are still in the old format (however, as I find the time they will be converted to the new design--and of course it may NEVER happen. (After all I only have 180 pages to convert.)

  • You will find in the upper right corner on every page the ability to do a GOOGLE search if you think of something that sparks an interest. This is a convenience tool that you are welcome to use.

  • No matter what page you are on (except actual PDF files), you can always get back to this page by clicking on the picture of my former motorHOME.

    Personal Website & Perpetual Postcard

  • You are welcome to join me on my travels.

  • In order to view prior years' activities, you need to use the HOME button above and select the year you wish to view.

  • At each level there is a list on the left side that tells you where you are (just below the picture) and you can 'click' on those words.

  • Several of the pages have lots of pictures. In some cases, there are LARGER versions of these pictures (behind) the ones showing. Simply 'left click' on the picture. The smaller size was created in order to make the web pages load faster.

  • My weBlog (PDF) versions can only be viewed using Adobe Acrobat and you can not copy or enlarge any of the photos.

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