Website Design ... for Select Businesses

You may send me an e-mail if you like what you see here and would like to have a Custom Created Website.

  • My service goes well beyond just a simple design.

  • I can help with choosing & researching a new Domain name.

  • I can set up e-mail accounts for the client using their domain name and monitor the mail server.

  • The initial fee covers unlimited support for one year and most changes will be done within 24 hours of my receiving your notice. If new pages are added or substantially changed, additional "creation" time may be necessary.

  • All weblinks are checked monthly & corrected (at no extra charge).

  • You will also receive Search Engine submissions. (Search Engine Placement is NOT INCLUDED & will be your responsibility, if you decide to go that route. Warning: these charges can be very costly.)

  • CONTACT ME if you would like further information or want a quote.

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    • A Little History

      I began doing a personal website for my personal RV travels in 1999 and as time and miles went by, I started finding websites that were in great need of some personal attention. The single biggest complaint: POOR NAVIGATION, people just can't find the end from the beginning. Websites are much more than a pretty picture on a single page. They are the most COST EFFECTIVE way to advertise one's product or service. Getting to where you want your customer (potential customer) to go takes a lot of skill that a lot of web-designers just don't have (or care about). Most websites are a constantly changing form of communication with your potential customer.

      I also found that many webmasters are incredibly slow at making changes when their clients would request them. I pride myself in handling and completing the task often in less than six hours and never more than 24 hours. If there is something MAJOR, that may take longer, my client will ALWAYS hear from me right away.